Shell and core

8 100 – 9 200

PLN/m2 gross

Payment variant

Stage I


Stage II


Stage IIIA


Stage IIIB


Stage IVA

5 x 20%

Stage IVB

5 x 20%

Additional elements

Balcony/Terrace finishing


PLN/m2 gross

Storage room - stage I, II

2 500

PLN/m2 gtoss

Storage room - stage IIIA, IIIB, IVA, IVB

4 000

PLN/m2 gross

Garage parking space

35 000 - 40 000

PLN gross

“Family” parking spot

51 000 - 55 000

PLN gross

Outdoor parking space

25 000

PLN/m2 gross


Basic finishing

+ 999

PLN/m2 gross

Optimum finishing

+1 249

PLN/m2 gross

Premium finishing

+1 499

PLN/m2 gross


Balcony/Terrace finishing is mandatory

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