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Fulfil Your Dream of Your Own Business

Are you dreaming of developing your business in one of the most dynamic sites in this area? Now you have a chance to fulfil this dream!

This lively project will offer thousands of customers willing to try new sites and services all day long. Your business will be within a short walk for residents strolling down the estate paths every day. A glazed shop window and a signboard will also make it visible for non-residents.

The multitude of residents and their needs are a perfect chance to offer different products and services addressed to various target groups.

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Become a part of the local community

Irrespective of your sector, the retail and shopping premises in Nowe Miasto Polesie are a great place for fulfilling your business dreams. 40 units with the area ranging from 33 sqm to 175 sqm offer much design opportunities to adapt the interior to your business needs.

If you dream of developing your business or would like to start a new project, it is great time to do it! Retail and shopping premises in Nowe Miasto Polesie is a chance you cannot miss. Your success awaits you in Nowe Miasto Polesie.

Contact us today to learn more, see the available units and start a new business adventure in one of the most dynamic locations nearby. 

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